I had the chance to sample a few of their favors......the hot Apple Cinnamon was delicious extremely good would make an outstanding hot tardy!!!!!! My daughter loved the raspberry lemonade. I met them at the Oglethorpe Mall this Friday. A lot of different favors.

​- Valerie Moore

I met Mary and learned of their product just yesterday at Ben's Antiques & Market in Fayetteville.  She was professional and friendly.  I very much enjoyed meeting her.  I bought the cinnamon and it is so good! Theses flavors are wonderful and very versatile.

- Kathy Adams

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The Cinnamon was beyond awesome for our ham!!!! My wife used it on our ham for Easter, it made it sojuicy and tender everyone raved how it was one of the best tasting hams they have eaten.  They wanted to know what we did to the ham to make it taste so good!

- Jerry King

What our customers have to say...

I met Mary at the "Christmas on The Train" event in Richmond Hill. She and her husband had a booth next to mine where I was selling fresh GA pecans. What a wonderful couple and I enjoyed talking them. Also purchase some of their goodies! I remember when some of these were available on River Street then they disappeared! So glad they were next to me and looking forward to trying some of the new flavors they now have! 

​- Lisa McWilliams

Savannah Cinnamon Mixes

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Mixes Galore!

We currently have 20 different delicious flavors of bottled mixes.  We also have 9 flavors that are sugar-free! Wine slushes are available in 4 different flavors. Keep an eye out for new flavors coming soon.

Flavorful Creations with a Southern Splash

In love with the Peach Mix! Book a Party with these Ladies today!

- Zambia Geiger

My son is 15 months old and gets tired of drinking plain milk all the time so we add just a little Strawberry Sugar-Free flavoring (no carbs, no sugars, no calories) and he drinks it up with no problem. It is a healthier choice for the little ones and they absolutely love it! 

- Chelsea Sheffield

Delicious! Everyone should try some of their stuff and buy some too!!!! :-)

- Rachael Grant